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Monday, February 25, 2019


Digging in the desert sand for water
Feening for what will give me life
This dry spell
Leaving me parched and malnourished
I thirst for a drink
A cold swallow of a unrelenting cool
The need for it racked within my body
Just when I think it has been found
I realize I was.....
Allowing a mirage to take over for it to only leave me discontent and broken
Disillusioned in my search
I touch upon the remnants of the drops held but never finding the satisfaction of quenching it

Even within the midst of a storm 
My hands allowing the drops of potential slip through my fingers
Leaving no way to contain the water
Bringing me back to square one

I huddle 
On my knees
Praying for the day to end and sleep to come 
Wishing upon dreams in order to forget 
Even for a moment
How my body clenches for that thirst

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Do the work

Do the work
I been watching you for countless years
Do the work
I’ve been nudging you for more then a few years
Do the work
Time ain’t standing still through your tears
Do the work 
do the work
I thought I told you to do the work
I equipped in you the ability to change here
Do the work 
Possibilities I just fade here
Do the work
Composition created for a gain here
Do the work
Repositioned to reframe here
Do the work
Compilation of a gift that can’t stay here
Do the work 
Brooklyn is the center of my apple
I was raised here
To do the work
I have to make sure I maintain here
To do this work
Opposition is paved here
Do the work 
Even with this disease I’ve gained here
Do the work
Presenting the unpresentable
I should be on my game here
Do the work
A woman grew in Brooklyn, I’m a create my name here
Do the work
Spreading love the Brooklyn way is why I stay here

Do the work 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

first night

That first night
I didn't know what to expect
So I was prepared for nothing
Not for a second did I regret 
My choice at loving
The first time I was awoken by your cries
I could barely open my eyes and within that second I realized
I'd love you this second, I'd love you the next minute
forever and ever your mom I would be
Drenched in fear that this would be an almost every night thing in the upcoming months and a flash of doubt clouded my mind. How could I get through it and was I that strong?
The pain etched across my belly within the staples holding it together making getting up hard but giving up not an option.
I looked longingly in your face and stayed quiet during your constant mews worried you would feel the breathe you took away from me
Already charming and ambitious knowing what you want and I sit here and struggle to comprehend how I was entrusted with such a precious gift, how he who gives me glory will give me the strength, how he who guides me will lift me and those around me will lift her and his village will raise this child.
I feel guilty getting sleep and asking for you to be in the nursery, not resting from worry in the time you are away. Is this why parenthood feels like only wanting the best but not knowing how to give it? Oh shit it's only day 1.
- [ ] 1st night

cry out

When I heard you cry for the first time everything else ceased to exist, but that animalistic cry of freedom that was born from your lips.
Everything moved in slow motion until you were placed in my arms. You don't know yet you were my lifesaver
a reason to be calm after life's storms
A reason to think about everything but me
A reason for me to continue to be the best I can be
A reason to work harder and not needing to prove a point
A reason to love, a reason to talk it slow
A reason to reevaluate everything I've known
A reason for life, a reason to see
That though I have goals of success the best things in life are free
A reason to embody all I can be.
You are my gift from god
My heart, my Riley

stumble upon

My thoughts capsized by the raging sea of doubt
Screaming but no one can hear me out
The abundance of my feelings
Stuck as I hit the glass ceiling
Seeking to hide
Power to divide
From the endless, restlessness of my soul
I was whole but now im torn apart
Beginning to end and ending to start
I breath as the consciousness of my being
spills out in wisp of a foreign content
Leading me to responses
I never wanted to hear
I am here, but only in spirit
My body, now i fear it
Too close but so far that no one can hear it
I scream
because even in my dreams it is present
Signs of a peasant because my value has been weakened
I no longer know what im seeking
just that i have not found it yet
Or that safety net that hold me up when I have faltered
How I long for
Someone to keep my head above water
I can't do it alone
My heart beats on its own
And yet answers still elude me
Like the partner I cant find to sooth me
I continue on alone..........

The cycle

 take umbrage as a offended black
Pardon me
Afro-American pardon me
African-American pardon me
Negro pardon me
colored pardon me
house nigger pardon me
field nigger pardon me
slave pardon me
Inanimate object for recreational and systematic injustice pardon me
part of a tribe that will never be discovered
Fuck this no pardon me
I remember the first thought that stuck to my brain...
I was 5. I was taught that I needed to understand I already had 2 strikes against me:
1. I was African-American
2. I was female
The other strike that should of placed me out was sickle cell anemia but we have more important things to discuss right now
I grew up in Bed-Stuy during the "War on drugs" era better known as the 80's crack epidemic. I used to think those vials that visually captured my mind with those tops in rainbow colors were things left by others for me to play with.
I witnessed the drug and alcohol abuse that went rampant amongst citizens behind closed doors. Not knowing or understanding til later(when I became a criminologist/social worker) it was another form of self medicating to not live life.
I witnessed the war on poverty dismantling neighborhoods, not caring about certain neighborhoods, the beginnings of explointing neighborhoods
I witnessed the struggles of the project life, food stamps and food pantries with that rock solid ass cheese, and white labeled cans.
I witnessed when violence became death, drugs becmae territorial war, color war, pit us against WAR.....
I witnessed the deprecation of the African-American woman, the demeaning and cruel aspects of being free but being a slave to man so not being free....but being free but having to give up my thought process to sooth your thoughts and make you my world
now you wonder why all women want to be independent and non dependent, non-conforming and lead their dreams's okay you can keep assautling our hopes and dreams and the barriers we took to
and the reason we the most educated persons in this land as they see.....racism wasnt the only thing systematic
I witness the breakdown of the nuclear family
I witnessed the role of Rockefeller continuing to breakdown the nuclear family
I witnessed the take down of all the proud negros who had struggle to succeed in a free world
have that free world create systems
so in that free world they could struggle and never be free
I witness currently the repurcussions of leaving rehabilitation for incapacitation (I studied criminology for a reason)
I witness the lost of rights guarenteed as a USA citizen being stipped for mistakes made so the people most angry can't vote, cant live in public housing you take my money for, cant get a job, cant get a life....go back to what got me locked up in the 1st place...
A whole new class of degenerates right...
I witnessed incarcerated individuals having the ability to learn and better themselves stripped away because violence needs to be in cycles or the prison business will be in peril
I witness families destroyed by housing 85%of NYC residents in upstate counties so they can garner more money on their census while we get programs cut and taken away...ahh that cycle again
I witness the hurt and loss and pain when you cant afford or have the means to travel 8hrs for a visit
I witnessed the creation of gangs to combat systems
only to be remade to kill their own systems only to be raised to "kill each system, we need praise..
honor and ego is all we have in this game" cycling the violence in systems
These waters run deep and if we can't open our eyes to see what has led us here and what has got us here...we still that african leading others to our villiage cuz we want to show them love. ..
society makes us trust no one
Now we trust no one
I know what prison looks's a shame almost every other black kid lives this life
I witnessed the policies deepen to hurt
Society deepen to change
Societal measures that have created this game
Let the niggers kill each other
on play and repeat
I witness rascism...the snide comments,
the looks and stares when i accompany a white family or friends
I witnessed that shotgun barrel on my head saying niggas aint welcome in North Carolina
I witnessed being chased off of blocks that said there is no room for niggers here on ave L
I remember being indentured and servants and i get angry and mad
Because you rather question me on what is bad and what we have and not wanting to take a look back
because your bubble allows you to not really feel so bad
or feel so sad
Just a smirk and a relief of glad....
(we cant be trusted still..right)
And when they can ...I got a resolution
I witnessed man...
But you still can't what see what im witnessing man...
what i see in front of me witnessing
When does it stop
Learn the appropriation and desecration of a culture locked up in systematic and institutionalized rascism before you try to take cover
I grew up here...
you think you know but have no idea
Dont ask why im angry
If you say nothing your just as guilty
This world for you may have have been rainbows and unicorns but for me
Its always been crazy....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I could be mad

could be mad

I was born with imperfections
Sickle cell anemia ravaging a body just born
I could be mad
Set up for failure through watching addictions, taking on addictions, fighting addictions
I could be mad
Physical abuse...the brutal Beatings, emotional abuse
mantra’d on you ain’t never gonna be shit
I could be mad
Left on my own while you follow another mans rule
I could be mad
By myself trying to figure out my same trying to figure out my brain
Losing those I grew close to
I could be mad
Friends turning on me
Behavior is well taught
I damn near always fought
For a color designed in separation
I could be mad
Paying my own way through college
The rates are hunting me down
Flag at half stance cuz these loans is cutting me down
Wounded with the bullet holes of knowledge just shoving me down
I thought I was spose to be a queen but these taxes is shutting me down
Equipped with the cycle of nonsense 
Keeps putting me down
I could be mad
I’ll fitting in my skin
My body full of sin
Trying to grasp the soul of within
Faltering not knowing where to begin
I could be mad
Super saver
Bad behavior
I listen to you and you just ignore this neighbor
Feel as if you have caused this behavior
Friends are not friends when they don’t stop to ask why you insist on this behavior
I could be mad
At the abandonment by all
It’s about you when you call
Don’t give a fuck about me at all
I could be mad
I helped you out the pinch
I helped reformulate your shit
Only to get ditched and not be a part of forever
I could be mad
I float in a sea of aloneness
Try to pay with my atoning
I feel as if those closest to me are throwing the first stones in
I could be mad
Job that disrespected me
Even with my trajectory
Made me focus on monetary ecstasy 
Ripped my heart out the chest of me
Couldn’t acknowledge the birth of the best of me
Cuz I was too focused on the requirements of a job I now know wouldn’t stand for me
Lightweight from the fight that neglected me
Unresolved in my feelings of security
Can I appreciate my giving of everything
A baby grr inside me
I could be mad
I am fighting a war within my self but this post is partum
I’m fighting a body that kills my health
But these words ain’t hollow
I cry in the shower so my hopes can wash off
No one to push me so my dreams are far off
Regulated to the pain
I just need to sound off
The emotional turmoil in my brain 
Leaves me to shy off
I could be mad

 My tenacity is lost
My motivation was lost
There is no way for recourse
Abandonment daily reforced

I could be mad

Not a part of your life

I could be mad

Feeling like a single mother
All this new stuff to discover
Forcing my body and mind to move in ways I can’t uncover

I’m tired

I could be mad

Feeling oh so alone and all those people who used to utilize me for everything life is just carrying on


I could be mad

No vocal approachments 
No reaction to hopelessness
I’m lost and approaching

This is my life

I could be mad 

But Riley is beautiful

- [ ]